Monday, February 6, 2012


App & Online Social Advertising Company Launches on Leap Day will be officially unveiled on Feb. 29th, 2012 with its upcoming iOS app launch event.  While many technology companies are just trying to clone other successful businesses, SpokesME is pioneering an entirely new industry that their company has created and named…
SpokesME is Incentivized Social Advertising.TM  

Research has shown that over 90% of people trust a peer/friend recommendation, while less than 1/3rd of us trust traditional advertisements from the source. SpokesME enables businesses & brands to reach new customers and ‘friends of fans/customers” by incentivizing happy customers to spread the word about them using social media, text, and other direct communications. Modern word of mouth advertising = Word of ME!

At its core, SpokesME systemizes a businesses ability to offer an incentive to become a digital spokesperson – a SpokesME – of their brand. The platform then helps businesses maintain communications connections, encourage and reward repeat business, socially engage & incentivize word of mouth advertising through multiple channels including social media. Business Partners (customers of SpokesME) then have access to the communications and analytics hub @

“Being entrepreneurs ourselves, one core belief we have is that companies of all sizes are sick and tired of spending marketing & advertising dollars on various forms of ‘advertising’ that we simply hope work, but that ultimately provide no quantifiable analytics to show whether the investment was worth it or not…” according to the founder and president of the company, Jay W. Wright.  “Our team has been refining this platform based on real world feedback for well over a year and we’re very excited about where we are and where we are heading. Our goal is to build the most successful and sustainable B2B product ever created.” 

Right now, the company is primarily made up of 3 business segments. The first part is described above where users get great offers and deals in exchange for becoming a digital spokesperson for businesses in the SpokesME ecosystem.  Secondly, is an app based crisis preparedness platform that keeps corporate, college, and university campuses safe & secure. The 3rd segment is the company’s direct sales force, which they call the SpokesForce, mostly made up of ambitious young entrepreneurs. Launching on leap day, February 29th, 2012 is no coincidence either. SpokesME has a goal of helping over 1,000 people in the SpokesForce become millionaires when SpokesME goes public… and their goal IPO date? You guessed it, February 29th, 2016.

To celebrate the official launch day, SpokesME will host a themed event on Leap Day, 02/29/12 at SpokesME headquarters from 5pm-8pm. Event registration is a minimum donation fee of $5 which will be donated in full to The Bethel Foundation a nonprofit organization helping struggling single mothers worldwide.  RSVP on Evite.

About SpokesME:
SpokesME is a US based company that has developed an exciting geo-targeted social advertising platform called Incentivized Social Advertising.  It’s truly a WIN – WIN! Businesses get the benefit of social advertising via a peer recommendation, new fans / likes / follows, increased social engagement, unparalleled SEO tools, and an analytics and communications hub. Customers get a better deal, offer, VIP experience or reward in exchange for their digital endorseMEnt! UNLEA$H the Value of Your Digital Voice!

SpokesU.comPositively Saving Lives.TM
Our patent pending system is the most advanced crisis preparedness communications platform in the world. Contact us @ or call toll free 877-419-3540.
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